Create a Bootable Linux Key – Alternative Methods for Ubuntu

Créer une clé Linux Bootable

If you’re an Ethical Hacker you probably know the Ubuntu / Linux operating system because it stands out from everything in Computer Security as well as in Hacking. It is possible to create a bootable Linux key under Ubuntu with Ubuntu’s default disk creation tool but unfortunately this tool is buggy and sometimes it does not work.

That’s why in this post I’ll show you alternative ways to create a Bootable Linux key without going through the default Ubuntu 15.10 boot disk creation tool (default USB disk creator). This tutorial will help you create an image of your Linux operating system to restore it afterwards with a USB key. Let’s start our mood:

Prerequisites for Creating a Bootable Linux Key

  1. You must have an ISO Ubuntu file
  2. And a USB stick of 8 GB minimum
  3. Then an existing Ubuntu or Mind installation

How to Put ISO in USB

To put your ISO file in your USB (Extract ISO) you must:

  • Right click on the ISO file
  • Choose open with  > Disk Image WriterRight click on the image Choose Image Writer
  • In se choose the destination disk (Destination Drive) here I am referring to the USBChoose the target USB drive
  • Now click Restore
  • Enter your password if prompted
  • Wait a moment during the restorationwindow showing progress, just wait
  • It is done.

DD Method: An Alternative for Creating a Bootable Linux USB Key

To use this method, be sure to master or memorize the label of your USB key in your PC (open the application of disks and choose the disk, then see the section of the device, then open the terminal and then dismount the partition climb like this:

sudo umount / dev / sdb1

sudo dd si = ubuntu-16.04-desktop-amd64.iso from = / dev / sdb

So your  USB key is in /dev/sdbterminal with info dd

This is the end of this tutorial, thank you for having followed until the end. Good continuation of the programming and especially do not forget to leave a comment if you have some question about what we have just learned today.


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